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Orbilogin, also defined as orbilogin com helps you in accessing your Orbi router from any corner of the world by using any device. Performing Netgear Orbi login allows you to change the network name, password, and other settings of your WiFi device. Moreover, you can sync the Orbi router with the satellite by using a push-up button. Apart from these points, there are various other things that you can do with your Orbi by accessing the orbilogin page.

How to Perform Netgear Orbi Login?

Outlined below are the instructions that you need to follow in order to access the orbilogin page:

  1. Start by connecting the Orbi router to the power adapter. Then, plug the power adapter into the wall socket and press the Power button on your Orbi device.
  2. Once you've configured the hardware, create a connection between the Orbi router and modem. It is recommended that you use an Ethernet cable to connect your devices.
  3. Then, place the Orbi satellite next to the Orbi router and power it on. Press the Sync button on both your WiFi devices.
  4. Switch on your PC and connect it to the wireless network.
  5. Open a web browser on your PC. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet.
  6. Type or in the address bar of the web browser. The Netgear Orbi login page will appear on your screen. Fill in the default admin details to proceed.
  7. Click on the Log In button to finish performing Netgear Orbi login.
Perform Netgear Orbi Login

In this manner, you'll be able to access the orbilogin page. In case you face any issues while trying to do so, feel free to contact our technical experts.

Can't Access Netgear Orbilogin Page?

Having a hard time while trying to access the orbilogin page? Does the or not working error message keep popping up on your screen? Well, worry not! Simply take the help of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to fix the not working issue.

Netgear Orbilogin Page
  1. Start by checking the hardware of your Netgear Orbi device. A faulty hardware is one of the major reasons why you aren't able to access the Orbi login page. Thus, check whether your Orbi is properly plugged into the wall socket or not. Also, make sure that the power cable connecting your WiFi to the adapter is finger-tight.
  2. Check the connection between your Orbi router and modem. The Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi devices shouldn't be damaged. On the off chance, if it is, you might face issues while trying to access the Orbi router login page.
  3. Netgear Orbi login issue might also arise because of the pent-up cache of your web browser. To fix this issue, clear the cache, cookies, junk files, and browsing history of your browser by navigating to the Advanced Settings options.
  1. Sometimes clearing the cache of your web browser might fail to resolve the orbilogin com not working issue. In that case, try accessing the orbilogin page by using another browser.
  2. Updating the firmware of your Netgear Orbi device might also resolve the issue that you're facing at hand. Once you are done updating the firmware, try to log into your device again.

Following these steps will surely help you in getting rid of the web page. On the off chance, if the issue persists, then perhaps you should give factory default reset a try. Or even better, get in touch with our technical team.

Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router? Here's What to Do!

Is the Orbi satellite not connecting to the router? To resolve the issue, we suggest you place the Orbi satellite near your Orbi router. Already tried that but didn't work in your favor? No problem! Take a glance at the steps given below to sync your WiFi devices without any hassle:

  1. Ensure that your Netgear Orbi router and satellite are placed far away from devices like treadmills, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.
  2. Your Orbi router and satellite should be placed in close proximity. Otherwise, their WiFi signals won't catch up to each other.
  3. One of the topmost reasons why your Orbi satellite not connecting to router is because the Sync button on one of your devices is damaged. Thus, get the Sync button fixed and try to connect your WiFi devices again.
  4. Still no luck? Well, it looks like your Netgear Orbi router isn't updated. Therefore, access the orbilogin page, go to Settings > Administration, and update the firmware of your device to its latest version.
Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router

After following these steps, if the 'Orbi satellite not connecting to router' issue is still bothering you, then waste no time in contacting our team of experts. They'll shed some light on where you went wrong and will provide you with instant solutions to fix the issue.

Common Reasons Why You Can't Perform Netgear Orbi Login

Despite being one of the most marvelous networking devices in the WiFi industry, a Netgear Orbi is prone to certain login issues. Sometimes, users have a hard time trying to access the page and they have no idea why.

If you too have been trying to figure out what might be stopping you from accessing the Orbi router login page, go through the reasons listed below:

Follow the below steps to perform Netgear Orbi setup as an access point:

  1. The hardware of your Netgear Orbi device is at fault.
  2. Your cable connections are loose instead of being finger-tight.
  3. The connection between your Netgear Orbi router and modem is poor. This might be a major reason why you can't access the orbilogin page.
  4. Your internet connection is weak. Chances are that your internet is slow because of some issue from the end of your Service Provider.
  5. Your web browser is filled with cache and cookies, preventing you from logging into your Netgear Orbi device.
  6. Perhaps you haven't entered the right web address while trying to log into your router. The default web address of your Netgear Orbi is orbilogin com or
connect the Orbi Router with an access point
  1. The default username and password that you've used are incorrect. Thus, refer to the Netgear manual to rectify your mistake immediately.
  2. Another reason that might be stopping you from accessing the orbilogin com page is an outdated firmware. You might have forgotten to update your device before accessing orbilogin.
  3. Your Netegar Orbi device is surrounded by electronic devices and transmitting appliances. Such devices are known to block WiFi signals.

Knowing about the reasons why you aren't able to access the orbilogin page will help you in troubleshooting the issue in a much efficient manner.

Guidelines to Perform Netgear Orbi Setup Using the Orbi App

If you want to access a blazing-fast and seamless internet connection, performing Netgear Orbi setup is the perfect option for you. Here are the instructions that you can follow to set up and install an Orbi by using the Orbi app:

Netgear Orbi Setup Using the Orbi App
  • Unlock your mobile device and enable the mobile data.
  • Go to Google Play Store/App Store and search for the Netgear Orbi app.
  • Once found, tap on the Download button and wait for the application to get installed.
  • Create a Netgear account by filling in your full name, email ID, and password.
  • Then, fill in the default admin details in the given box and hit Log In.
  • The Netgear Orbi setup page will appear. Now, follow the on-screen prompts to finish performing the process of Orbi setup via Orbi app.

Apart from performing Orbi setup using the Orbi app, you can also use the Manual Method. To set up your WiFi device manually, follow the below-given steps:

How to Perform Netgear Orbi Setup by Accessing

The Manual Method might be a little longer to perform, but it's the most used method to set up a Netgear Orbi device. Perhaps, you too should give it a try.

Here is how to perform Netgear Orbi setup by accessing the orbilogin com administrative page:

While trying to perform Netgear Orbi setup manually, if you get stuck at any point, feel free to reach out to our experienced technical experts. They're available to assist you 24/7.

Steps to Change the Default Orbi Login Password

In order to secure the wireless network of your Orbi from unauthorized users, it is recommended that you change its default password. Mentioned below are the steps that'll help you in changing the password of your Orbi device:

how to sync satellite with my Netgear Orbi Router
  1. Open any web browser on your PC and connect it to the Orbi network.
  2. Access orbilogin com or The Netgear Orbi login page will appear.
  3. Enter the default Orbi router login details and hit Log In.
  4. The BASIC home screen will display. Then, click on Settings or Advanced.
  5. Select Administration. Look for the 'Change password' option. Once found, click on it and type the new password under the Password field and press the Enter key.
  1. If you are asked to answer some security questions, answer them, and click on the Apply button. In a couple of seconds, your changes will get saved.

Note: Make sure that you follow the aforementioned instructions in the exact way as they are written. Otherwise, you'll fail miserably while trying to change the Orbi login password of your WiFi device.

Configure Netgear Orbi in Access Point Mode

In order to configure your Orbi device as the access point, you will require the following things:

How to Configure Netgear Orbi in Access Point Mode?

Here is how to configure Netgear Orbi device in access point mode by accessing orbilogin:

  • Grab an Ethernet cable and connect your Orbi router to the existing modem. You can also connect your devices wirelessly.
  • Open a web browser on your PC. Ensure that your PC is connected to the Orbi's network.
  • Type or in the address or URL bar and hit Enter.
  • Once the Orbi router login window appears, enter the admin details of your Orbi.
  • Go to the Advanced section and select Administration.
  • Click on Router AP mode and hit Apply for your changes to get saved.
Configure Netgear Orbi in Access Point Mode

Hopefully, these steps will help you in configuring your Orbi device in access point mode. In case you need more assistance, contact our technicians at any hour of the day.

Why Does Netgear Orbi Keeps Dropping Connection?

There can be a number of reasons why your Netgear Orbi router keeps disconnecting from the internet. Some of the topmost reasons are listed below:

Netgear Orbi Keeps Dropping Connection

Reason: Outdated or corrupted firmware

Fix: Updating the firmware of your device can help you resolve the internet issue in a jiffy. Thus, access the orbilogin page, go to Settings, and click on the Firmware Update button. You can also make use of the Orbi app to update the firmware of your WiFi device.

Reason: Your Internet Service Provider is at fault

Fix: Did you contact your ISP before assuming that the internet issue might be from your end? No? Well, it's high time that you do. Chances are that your Orbi is dropping connection because of something that your ISP did by mistake. Thus, confirm whether the issue is from their side or not. In case it is, ask them to send an agent over to your house to fix the issue.

Reason: Your router and modem aren't connected properly

Fix: Another common reason why your Orbi router keeps dropping connection is because it isn't connected to the modem properly. Therefore, avoid connecting your devices wirelessly to fix this issue. Instead use an Ethernet cable to create a connection between your devices.

Common Netgear Orbi Setup Issues

Listed below are one of the most common Netgear Orbi setup issues:

  1. Orbi app login fails
  2. Can't access the internet after Netgear Orbi setup
  3. Netgear Orbi router not connecting to modem
  4. Netgear Orbi authentication error
  5. Orbi firmware update failure
  6. Orbi app not syncing with PC or smartphone
  7. Can't access the or page
  8. No WiFi error even after a successful Netgear Orbi setup
  9. Can't download the Netgear Orbi app
  10. Orbi satellite not connecting to router
  11. Netgear Orbi can't connect to internet
Common Netgear Orbi Setup Issues

If you come across any of the above-mentioned issues, don't think twice before reaching out to our well-versed technical experts.