Orbi Blinking White

Orbi Blinking White? Let's Get the Issue Fixed!

Have you purchased an Orbi to fulfill your internet needs? Well, we must congratulate you on making a wonderful decision. Orbi routers are the best option for lag-free streaming and gaming. No matter whether you want to use the internet in the backyard or at the first floor of your home, the WiFi devices are efficient enough when it comes to providing seamless internet connectivity. But, like other electronic devices, Orbi setup can also sometimes fall into issues, and among all Orbi blinking white is the most reported these days. If you are also fussed up with the Orbi blinking white issue, we've got your back. Below-mentioned are some simple yet effective troubleshooting tips for you to get the issue resolved. Are you up for trying the hacks? Read on!

How to Fix Orbi Blinking White Issue

For getting the Orbi blinking white issue fixed, there are various tricks you can use. Here they are:

Power Cycle Your Orbi

If your Orbi is continuously blinking white and you are unable to get rid of the issue, consider rebooting your device. For this, you can plug out the power adapter of your Orbi from its power outlet. Once done, let your Orbi have some rest. Now, again plug in the device to its wall socket and see if the led on your Orbi stops blinking.

Update Firmware

Orbi blinking white issue can also occur if your Orbi is not updated with the latest firmware version. To resolve the problem, consider updating the firmware of your Orbi by accessing the Orbi login page. While updating the firmware of your device, make sure you get it as per the Orbi model you have. For your information, wrong or corrupted firmware version installed on your Orbi can impact its performance and even make it non-performing. So, get the correct firmware version updated on your Orbi.

Check Wired Connections

Another factor you can consider to get rid of the Orbi blinking white issue is to have a tab on the wired connections to your Orbi router, modem, satellite, and PC. Make sure all the wires are finger-tight and properly installed to their respective ports. Also, if you have connected all these devices wirelessly, consider connecting them with the help of Ethernet cables. For this, however, make sure you use a cut-free cable.

Keep WiFi Interference Away

You can also try keeping your Orbi router away from devices creating WiFi interference for coping up with the Orbi blinking white issue. At times, the closeness of your Orbi to things like Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, cellular phones, and microwave ovens can create WiFi connectivity issues. Thus, keep all such devices at bay while locating your Orbi. Apart from that, you can also consider placing your Orbi in the central location of your home, preferably on a higher surface.

Replace Power Socket

Perhaps your Orbi is not fetching the proper power supply from the power outlet you have used for it to plug in. To do away with the problem, change the power socket and ensure your device is getting consistent and adequate power supply. Fluctuation in the power can also create issues. So, consider this factor as well while plugging in your Orbi to a wall socket.

Reset and Configure the Orbi Again

You may also experience the Orbi blinking white issue if your Orbi is not configured in a successful manner. To get the issue fixed, you are suggested to reset your Orbi to default settings. Doing so will erase all the customized settings made to your device. Once done, access orbilogin.net and again configure your device to fix the Orbi blinking white issue. We hope this time you will get success.

Just in case still the situation is same and you are unable to handle the problem anymore, ask our technical experts to help you out. They will diagnose the issue creating Orbi blinking white problem and get it fixed for you. This way you would be able to make the most of your Orbi without any hassle.