Everything About Orbi Satellite Placement During Orbi Setup

Everything About Orbi Satellite Placement During Orbi Setup

If you are trying to get success with the Netgear Orbi setup process, then it is important for you to take various factors in mind beforehand. For instance, right from establishing a stable connection between your devices to using the right power socket, you need to make things in a well-organized manner for the successful installation of your Orbi. One such important factor is choosing the right location for your Orbi satellite. It is where this piece of writing comes to serve you. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about the Orbi satellite placement while doing Netgear Orbi setup.

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Orbi Satellite Placement

While doing Netgear Orbi setup, you need to place your Orbi satellite and router correctly, especially depending on the environment of your home. Below is the breakdown of points you need to bear in mind while doing Orbi satellite placement at your home.

1. Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Make sure you place your Orbi far from things or appliances emitting radio waves. To name a few, you can keep your Orbi at distance from Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, wall outlets, cellular phones, baby monitors, etc.

2. Check the LED Colors on Your Orbi

Orbi LED colors also guide you about the right Orbi satellite placement. For example;

3. Place Your Satellite Near Router

If you are doing Orbi setup for the first time, then it is suggested to place your Orbi router and satellite in the same room. However, once you find that both your devices get synced, you can change the location of your Orbi satellite as per your WiFi needs and requirements.

4. Keep Environment into Consideration

At the time of doing Netgear Orbi satellite placement, ensure that you do not place the device in an area where it can get harmed due to harsh weather or certain environmental conditions. The best range of temperature for placing an Orbi satellite ranges between 4°F to 122°F.

5. Try Mapping the WiFi Signals

It may be a great decision if you can map out the WiFi signals in your home for checking the problem areas or dead zones in your home. Knowing such areas beforehand can also help you with the best Orbi satellite placement in your home.

6. Avoid Reflexive Surfaces

Some users may find it a bit odd, but reflexive surfaces can also impact the performance of your Orbi. So, consider placing your Orbi router as well as satellite far from mirrors, glasses, or fish tanks.

7. Don’t Place your Satellite on Floor or Inside Cabinet

Placing your Orbi satellite on the floor can also diminish its overall performance. This is because when your Orbi will be sending WiFi signals, it will immediately be engrossed by the ground. Similarly, if you place your Orbi inside a cabinet, its WiFi signals will not be broadcasted the way you desire. Hence, while doing Orbi satellite placement, make sure you select a proper location for your satellite.

To Conclude

Orbi satellite placement, if done correctly, can bring difference to your overall internet-using experience. We hope that the tips listed in the blog will help you find out the best location for your Orbi satellite, letting you set up your Orbi in a hassle-free manner. Here ends our guide on where to place an Orbi satellite. Just in case you need any more assistance for choosing the right location for your device while doing the Orbi setup, feel free to contact our technical experts for quick help.